Friday, June 30, 2006

It is a Wiki Wiki World

Thank you, so much, for inviting me to this blog. I am excited by the possibilities! For one, it seems that this crazy web has connected two people who may have met in 2001. Back in those days (pre-children), I taught FT at a branch campus of Penn State. I took a group of students on a Spring Break Challenge trip to the weather-torn Camilla, GA for a Habitat for Humanity Build. It is, to date, one of my best teaching memories. It turns out that our lovely hostess, Vicki, may have been volunteering at the water/volunteer station during our trip!

We connected because of her incredible teaching blog, and, I believe, a shared Christian outlook, but, the web, and all of these emerging technologies, has allowed us to connect. She can now go to the First Baptist Church of Camilla and tell them they served the best fried chicken I ever ate in my entire life, and she can tell me how the residents are doing in the community we served.

Technology is amazing.

Blogging and wikis are incredible tools. I met Dr. Jean-Claude Bradley from Drexel University in March, and, as a result of his inspiration, was sold on the concepts that had failed for me (blogs never worked - a wiki seemed silly). Now, I almost always publish my materials on my College English wiki, and all of my classes are linked to a blog.

Jean-Claude has some amazing tutorials that walk you through the set up process (even adding chicklets and setting up iTunes). This technology, and his use of it, has inspired me to return to a love neglected (teaching writing for science and engineering).

I am interested in everyone's thoughts about open sourcing educational materials. Vicki posted an interesting link to teacherspayteachers, and I am wondering how people feel about that concept.


At Sat Jul 01, 08:31:00 AM, Blogger Vicki A. Davis said...

I'm not sure if everyone remembers what open source is. Open source is making available for free the materials for others to edit and work with. For one of our members, this would be like posting and sharing grants that worked with others so they could adapt them. For others it would be sharing of business plans or other documents so that you could learn from others and how they work.

I think in the educational field that sharing lesson plans, etc. makes a lot of sense as long as the Creative Commons copyright is respected. This creative commons copyright allows people to reproduce and use work for nonprofit use but not to republish it under their own name.

Unfortunately some plaigarists-non-grata are having a heydey with all of the great new material they are finding online as they republish under their name.

I think the enforcement of copyright protection for blogs is vital to the willingness of anyone in any profession to share their material. People don't mind sharing as long as 1) They will get credit when it is rementioned, and 2) They will get the profit when it is published.

At Sat Jul 01, 11:19:00 AM, Blogger Beth Ritter-Guth said...

; I completely agree. Unethical people are the ones that make sharing so difficult. I also believe that some folks have no choice but to close-publish (tenure, promotion, grants, patents).

I publish under the Creative Commons license, but I know that my work has been redistributed under the names of others. That is frustrating.

Has anyone else been the victim of plagiarism?


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